Week 4: The Universal Mind

  I am amazed at the variation of life on our planet.  Regardless of the method or process of creating life on earth, one fact is certain. The Physical Laws of the Universe rule our environment. Without conforming to these Laws there would  not be life!  We are here for a very specific purpose.  The […]

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Week 3: Momentum

Now that we are in week 3 I am beginning to pick up steam. I am seeing new possibilities and new ideas are occurring to me.  I am very business building up my work and am trying to squeeze in Mastermind into my schedule. But I have new confidence in my future aspirations. I am […]

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Week 2: My New Vision

Since I began with MKMMA my awareness of my habits is increasing.  I have become discouraged after giving up on my dreams for some time.  I realize that I have to change my method of thinking, from being overcritical of myself and others to become more tolerant and accepting. Accepting that I cannot attain absolute […]

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