About Me

What can I say? Many years ago I was born to a working class  family living in a one bedroom apartment in the borough of Brooklyn in the city of New York. I spent my childhood there until we moved to the Rockaways.  Summers were spent at the beach and on the boardwalk.  Later on my family moved to South Florida, and what was the main activity in summer? The beach!  I was an avid reader and not very athletic. But I was a budding writer. It is too bad that I did not take up writing for a profession.

I attended public school in Florida in the days before computers and cellphones. In the early days we had to do math  by hand or with a slide rule, and eventually pocket calculators.  Then, the universities had their mainframes and then Apple work stations.  I  loved science and math and settled on Civil Engineering with a minor in environmental technology. Programming was not for me.  We could not be lazy and text, as some of our youth do today. Before computers we  had to write our essays and letters!  And we knew our geography, unlike many of today’s children. This is when I began to take an interest in world travel. It’s strange that although I was especially talented in writing, I leaned toward science, engineering and technology.  I have been particularly fascinated by bridges and mountains. And also I love history….

We smoked, in restaurants and offices,  and we didn’t worry about our health….we drank a little. No worries. In my early days few people we knew were concerned about diet.

I worked in a number of jobs, and finally settled on a pubic service job with my county, Miami-Dade, in the water and sewer utility field.  I retired after 25 years, and moved up the peninsula to a new home, in Volusia County.

Today I am a senior citizen, conservative, dedicated, and have a thirst for knowledge.  I love to read my i Books.  I am married, and unfortunately my wife is disabled. I am a caregiver.  I currently hold a Florida Life and Health insurance license, and, in addition to my health insurance marketing, I also, in my spare time I am a local distributor for a direct sales high-tech health products company. I am hoping to use MLM strategies to build up my share in this company because I intend to sponsor a team of entrepreneurs who will build up their teams and gain success.  I am empowered!