Week 10 – The Treadmill

Today began my renewed fitness regimen: walked over to our fitness room in the apartment complex here in beautiful Daytona Beach. This time of the year the is pleasant and mild (except for occasional cold snaps), and  outdoor activities are doable.  Even walking is a pleasant experience. Florida living is great. And let’s not forget the beaches.

I digress……I climbed on the treadmill, and began a 25 minute workout. I set the speed for 3 mph, and the elevation for 5 degrees.  As I treaded I began to concentrate on my thoughts, gradually,  then focusing on my Blueprint Builder and my DMP.  I was pleasantly surprised, as I  stopped focusing on my increasing fatigue, and concentrated on my thoughts and feelings, and I was able to maintain my speed and elevation with very little effort!  I  did a little over a mile in a little over 25 minutes. At the end I increased my speed to 5 miles an hour, and I was jogging, before I gradually slowed down.

When I stepped off, my energy level was higher.  I promise to do my exercise every day if possible, and I always keep my promises.


3 thoughts on “Week 10 – The Treadmill

  1. I started my exercise back up again not too long ago myself. I find very rewarding adding my DMP and movie poster to my work out. Keep up the good work.


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