Week 6 – The MLM

I am seriously thinking about the possibilities of the Multilevel Marketing model.  Where else can one recruit a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs with the promise of a great future if they are willing to work hard: train, keep up with the latest improvements and trends, and educate potential clients about their products and services in a way that these prospects will ask for them, thereby providing us with the opportunity to  close.  We place that desire in their minds, so that it becomes their thoughts and feelings. We are winning the client over….before they realize what is happening.  We don’t need to come up with $100,000 or more to buy into a franchise or start up. We don’t have to lease or buy land and build on it, or worry about overhead. We can work out of our homes or on our computer or tablet.   It’s amazing what we can accomplish. And the sky’s the limit, because the network can grow and grow as more team members sign on and sponsor their own lines, and so forth. Over a twenty year period many network marketers get very rich, but they understand the method of success.  Those who don’t  lose out.



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