Press Release


Daytona Beach October 26th 2017

An interview with Michael Cohen, local entrepreneur, and creator and distributor of cutting edge health supplements

Interviewer: Bob Wilson, local health guru

Bob: Good Morning, Mike. How are ya this gorgeous October morning?

Mike: Fantastic, Bob. Never felt better! And you?

Bob: Great! My energy has increased three times since I  started taking your new supplement, LiveGreat, and I’ve never felt so fit, and I’ve lost a few pounds too!

Mike: Wow! I am so delighted to hear that from you, Bob. I know that you’ve struggled over the years with your weight.

Bob: Mike, how successful are you with marketing LiveGreat?

Mike: The results have been way better than I predicted since the beginning of this month. Our orders have exceeded the numbers of all of our supplements sold this last quarter so far!

Bob: And you have already had a very successful year!

Mike: Correct, Bob. I have been very pleased. And my distributors, in return, have shared equally in my success.

Bob: Didn’t you put a lot of money and time into the research of your new product?

Mike: Yes. And we know that we have to give in order to receive. What satisfies me the most is in knowing how much my products help other people gain robust health, even with chronic health problems. We use the power of the mind by stimulating the sympathetic nerve system to heal the body. And I have some reputable medical doctors on my staff working very hard to test the products under very high standards, and certify them as safe and effective.

Bob: Can anyone who desires to improve their health use LiveGreat?

Mike: First I highly recommend that they consult with their personal physician, and have laboratory diagnostics done, and confirm if they have any existing medical conditions that would preclude them taking any supplement before they decide to order.

Bob: How can folks  order LiveGreat?

Mike: They can call or email a local in independent distributor to place the order. On my website:, there is a list of local independent distributors. If they select their state and region/city the list will pop up.  You know, Bob, we are a direct marketing company. My head office is here in Daytona Beach, and my factory is in Orange, New Jersey, but my distributors are all over the country, and we use the power of the internet to power our company.  Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on brick and mortar facilities, I pass the savings onto commissions and bonuses for my distributors!

Bob: I like your business model, Mike. I used to be an Amway distributor. Worked out of my home, no traffic, no long commute. It was a pleasant experience….Mike you must be really living well now.

Mike: Yes, Bob. I have a gorgeous home here with all the amenities. And I owe it all to the realization of my dream. And we are helping others to be successful and have robust health, too.

Bob: I want to thank you for your time, Mike, and I wish you great success.

Mike: Thank you, Bob. Stay healthy!


2 thoughts on “Press Release

  1. Great Press Release!!
    However, this should be used as a tab in your Menu. You can edit it and cut and paste it onto a page.
    Also, your About Me should also be in the Menu. That tab is there already and you can just edit it.
    I look forward to following your journey.


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